Manage your Health Care Online with ManageMyHealth™

What is Health Care Online?

A new secure online service is now available at your health centre that enables you to better manage your own Health Care Online, using ManageMyHealth™

Being a busy mum, the best thing about ManageMyHealth™ is being able to use it in my own time. Jo Macdonald – Recruitment Consultant

Take control of your health

With ManageMyHealth™ you can view your own health records, message your doctor; book appointments at your health centre and much more.


ManageMyHealth™ is a safe, secure and convenient way to connect with your Health Centre online.

Managing your Health Care Online gives you the power to stay on top of your health anytime, anywhere.

What are the benefits?

View your medical records

Request repeat prescriptions

Book appointments online with your Doctor or Nurse

View your latest test results

Send secure messages to your doctor

Receive appointment and recall reminders

Update your personal details

Tools to help improve your health

Think of it as internet banking for your health

Safe & Secure

ManageMyHealth™ is safe and secure, using technical security similar to what you would experience with your internet banking

How it works?

By registering with ManageMyHealth™ at your Health Centre, you will gain 24/7 access to your health information and health services online.

The registration process is quick and easy, See below for more details.

The ManageMyHealth™ website is so simple to use, it even reduces the amount of time I need to see my GP. Frank Myer – Retired

Get Started

Are you ready to manage your health online?

Activate My Account

You’re almost ready to go. All you need to complete your registration is your activation code from your health centre. No code?

Check you have your activation code from your health centre.

It looks like this!

Thank you for registering for ManageMyHealth

Your activation code is 3585-3456-7228

Please follow the instrustions below to complete

Click the button below to go to ManageMyHealth™ and complete your registration and activate your account.

Activate ManageMyHealth Account

How to register

The registration process is quick and easy; for your protection, you will need to contact your health centre team to get started Already have an activation code from your GP?

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